Sala II, Museo Urbano Poggi.
Rafaela, Santa Fe.

This exhibition represents the desperate cry of our Earth. A final attempt to, at least, apologize for so much cruelty.
I depict the Pachamama as a beautiful woman on her knees, holding a dead little bird in her hands. She looks at the bird in deep sadness.
The warriors of the Pachamama try to stop humankind from devastating everything. A pot woman reminds us that, nonetheless, the Andean culture is still alive.
More than 7 million hectares have been cut down, an area similar to the province of Entre Rios.
Severe flooding affects our country and this, in part, is due to deforestation. The Andean condor is in critical danger of becoming extinct. Farmers that keep a huge condor chained because they believe these birds eat their goats and they do not want to lose money.
Argentina, a country sprayed with toxic agrochemicals that kill birds, kill people…
Some animals that walk on mountains of ashes; animals that survived the bulldozers and fires caused by men when they cut down trees; and leave only smoke and burnt vegetation.
The owls, amazing esoteric birds with superpowers, observe and screech announcing catastrophes.
My hands, the hands of the artisan, intend to compensate the huge damaged with a reiki practice that soothes and cures the earth.
The only way to repair the Earth is with our hands, in a loving and patient manner. We have to let our natives’ blood enter our veins; we have to learn from them again because we forgot all their teachings. I wish to learn about the weeds, the wind, the birds, the fox and the armadillo; and be able to reborn.
Let love for the care of the earth bloom in us so that everything is at it should be.