In my work, using ceramics as the primordial language for expression and painting as a complement, I explore the conflictive relationship between nature and human progress.
In search towards the rescue of endangered animal species, I pose a fictional instance of confraternity between humanity and nature, in hope of spreading a healing message.
I´m interested in clay as a fundamental element, a concept, which refers to an ancestral, noble, receptive and malleable material. It connotes nature and the telluric force that emerges from the earth and harbors all forms of life. It entails the link between the simple and the complex, as it is versatile in the first stages of manipulation but becomes more complex in successive steps. There is an appealing tension between the strength and fragility of the material.
My art works as an alchemy that combines the initial idea with the spontaneous, allowing the same procedure to guide me without having everything so calculated a priori, leaving a margin for chance to intervene.
In exhibitions, I present sets of pieces that I have as an installation, emphasizing the spatial aspect, so that it interacts with the environment, with lighting elements or special sounds, seeking to generate a narration of greater sensory power. I use solid forms as pictorial support.
My latest works talk about the loss of habitat, the indiscriminate felling, the burning, the absence and the exodus of the few animals that remain and that look for a safe place.



3er premio Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2016